Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Beautiful Little Girl!

This is a page I created about Adelaide, This is a simple layout, but I enjoyed making it. I added the little flower gem in her hair.I used a little paper flower with a gem in the middle,and I glued on the photo! Do you see the little bird on Adelaide's shoulder? I also added that onto the picture. You can click on the actual layout and it will increase in size. This is not a layout that I created to be published. It was just for fun. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

some kind of wonderful!


I can't believe she is 17. Tricia has turned into such a beautiful young lady! Lately,we have been looking at the different schools that she could go to. I think she is going to end up going to the U of U, but we will have to see. Tricia wants to major in science and do something with forensics. She has a good head on her shoulders. She will be excellent at anything she sets her mind to.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Anyone that knows me, knows I love my Dad so much. I have always looked up to him! He used to always tell me,"It is better to be trusted than loved" He now teaches this to my children. That quote really explains how important being honest really is. That was just one of the many lessons my Father taught us growing up in our home. As you can imagine, my Father is the most honest person I know! I have never known him to lie or stretch the truth, even a little bit. He shows our entire family so much love. He has his Masters degree in the Book of Morman, from B.Y.U, so he always shared his knowledge with us kids growing up. He has been such an example in my life. He has stuck by me and been a listening ear for all of my dramatic episodes! HA HA! I have memories of being a teenage girl... My Dad's office was on the top floor of our home, I would come home from being out late with my friends,would go up to his office and tell him all about my night. He was always so interested in what I was doing. I have very fond memories of Dad leaning back in his office chair, me on his lap or on the floor talking for hours. Teaching, praying, listening, supporting, loving is what Dad is best at. Shortly after Scott died, Mom and Dad moved me over to be closer to their home. Dad would come over every morning to help me get the kids fed, dressed and ready for the day so I could go to work. Dad often picked the kids up from daycare if I had to stay at work late. Those days were the hardest and darkest days in my life. Dad was helping me through it one step at a time.I owe so much to my Father for all of his kindness, endless support and love, but most of all his example to me. One other thing that Dad was so good at was treating my Mother like gold. I NEVER remember one harsh word said to my Mother. Dad always was doing things to make Mom smile. To this day, Mom and Dad are always hugging, kissing, laughing, and joking around. My two brothers, Matthew and Crismon, have followed his example. They treat their wives, Wendy and Sarah, the same way, like the Angels that they are! I love you Dad! Thank you for everything. I am so blessed that you are my Father.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Taylor Mason...My AMAZING SON!

This is a picture of my son. He is so tall. He is such an incredible young man, He inspires me every day. He is literally a walking encyclopedia. He reads hours and hours a day. He is the first counselor in the Teacher's quorum, and a really great example to all of the young men. He has grown and matured so much in the past few years. He has such a great sence of humor, I am always laughing around him. I know, I am bragging but don't we all brag about our kids? This picture was taken a few weeks ago,his hair has been cut since then. I am enjoying the one on one time I have been spending withhim lately. We have been staying up too late talking and laughing these last couple of days. These are the kind of days I want him to remember when he gets older. I always want that close bond that we have right now.

An easy card I made.

This is a fun card I made today. I just finished 2 layouts for Creating Keepsakes Magazine. Cross your fingers that they will be published this fall. For anyone that doesn't know, Paul went on his mission with Lisa Bearnson! She is the founding Editor of Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I think it is so cool. She just happens to be the most well known person in the industry! I wished that would help me get published in her magazine. Ha Ha Ha. She doesn't even have a clue who I am. I would like to do a layout of Scottland, maybe that would catch her eye! I am working on a contest through Better Homes and Garden,they have a scrapbooking magazine. The contest is called,"Fresh Face entry." I will post my entries soon. The picture below this one is Adelaide at the park,she is getting so big. This was taken yesterday. I posted the wrong e-mail address for Alex the other day. His e-mail is: campcocacola@wymancenter.org
He would love to here from you. He needs a lot of support. I can't believe he has only been gone 4 days. It seems like a lifetime. I am not very good at being away from my children! I hope it will get easier.

Adelaide Sommer Haywood

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bitter Sweet!

Alex left yesterday. Tricia,Taylor,Alex,and I headed to Eureka about Noon. We had a great time driving to Alex's camp. We sang at the top of our lungs, and laughed really hard. We tried to keep things really happy and upbeat. We got to the camp and Alex met his camp leader and the other kids that would be in his cabin. Alex was a bit reserved, but I think that was normal. Only I could go up to the cabin with Alex so Tricia and Taylor said there goodbye's. I have always known that my children have a close bond but I love to observe how close they really are. Tricia gave Alex a long hug and told him that she would miss him. Taylor gave Alex a pep talk about being good. You really could see in their eyes that they were going to miss their little brother.It was really special. Alex and I sarted up the hike up to the cabins. He had so many bags. I had my arms full, but Alex had more to carry than me. He saw another young man struggling to get up the hill with his belongings and the young man didn't have his parents with him. Alex could hardly carry what he had,and he asked the young man if he would like some help carrying his things. I was so proud of him, already he was looking to help someone in need. Alex is always looking to lend a hand. He cares! He will be loved at this camp because he is always wanting good for everyone around him. HE will be missed. I try to not think that he will be gone for an entire month. We love him. I already have a care package made for him. Paul and I will be able to go visit him in ten days. I will take pictures and post them. Paul really misses him also. He got home from work last night at midnight, and he came right down to the computer to e-mail him. Paul gave him a blessing the night before he left. I know that will help him. I am off to take the kids swimming. On my next post, I will be putting up a picture of Adelaide going down a waterslide. This is not just any waterslide. You'll see! If anyone wants to send their support to Alex you can e-mail him at: sniperhaywood@yahoo.com

Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Birthday Present

Summer Events

Today is Sunday and I am feeling a bit like a single mother. Paul works from 1:00p.m until 11:00p.m. It has only been hard these last couple of weeks. The kids are out of school and I am back to being with the little gems all day. Don't get me wrong, I love having them home. I just wish Paul was home a bit more. Tricia has been a big help, she takes them to the pool almost every day. She is working on her tan and the kids are loving the pool. We bought a summer pool pass so they can go every day if they want. The kids are busy. Tricia is babysitting for people in our ward. She is saving almost all of her money for college next year. My mom and Dad are matching what she earns and Paul and I are also. She has a good nest egg going for college. I can't believe she will only be home for one more year. She has grown up so fast. I have enjoyed the special bond that we have. Taylor just ordered his tuxedo for Madrigal Choir next year. He is a tenor. He is getting so tall. He teases me on a daily basis because he towers over me. He is such a good kid! He makes me laugh so hard. He has such a charming personality. Alex leaves for Camp Coca Cola tomorrow. He will be gone for an entire month. The camp is ran by Coca Cola corperation. I am a bit freaked out that he will be gone so long. I am not telling him though. If I show any emotion he will grasp onto that and feel the same way. This camp is such an awesome oppurtunity for him. Tiger Woods will be giving the kids at this camp a golf lesson, they will be river rafting,exploring caves, playing baseball with the Cardinals etc... During this entire experience the Camp leaders will be incorperating leadership skills, goal setting, among many other life skills that the kids will need in their lives. Alex was one of 180 kids nominated in all of Missouri to be a part of this camp. The camp leaders then narrowed it down to 80 kids. Now that he is in the camp, he will go every summer for the next five years. He has to keep a 3.5 grade point average and do 15 hours of community service every month. This will be an amazing experience for him. This will prepare him for his mission. See,I am trying to convince myself that I will be fine. I am just trying to gear myself up to saying goodbye to him. I'll be o.k! We are going to miss him so much. The 6 kids have such a close bond between eachother. I am off to watch a movie with the kids. Tricia is making popcorn right now.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pictures of the kids for my family to see.


Hi Sherry! This is the Neifert family. They have been our great friends here in Saint Louis.
Tricia and Rachel after the graduation. This night was pretty hard for Tricia. They are great friends. Tricia is planning to visit her at BYU.
This is Paul and I at Rachel Neifert's high school graduation. Rachel is Tricia's best friend here in Saint Louis. She leaves for BYU on June 13th. We are going to miss her!
This picture is of Hailey with one of the student Teachers at the school. It was taken after the play. Hailey put together this Fifty's outfit and we only paid $6.00!
This is Hailey on the night of her play at school. She had a solo, and she was awesome!
The picture below is of Adelaide on the last day of School

I am 32!

Yes it's true I'm 32! I have been digesting this the last few days and I can finally put it out there. HA HA. I was very happy because I finally got some new organizers for my scrapbook space. They are from EK success. My Husband stayed up most of the night putting them together. For anyone that is thinking about investing in the cricut,I must say that I am very impressed with their customer service. I used the mat only 7 times and it wasn't sticky anymore. I e-mailed Provo Craft, they sent me 4 mats, Fed Ex,overnight,FREE! I use the cricut almost daily. I posted some pictures of my kids below,Hi mom and Dad, these were taken a few days ago. The picture of Hailey was taken at her Grease play at school.