Saturday, July 08, 2006

Our busy Summer

I have been so busy. Kids at camp, kids going on vacation. Kids, Kids, Kids that is my life and I love it. The house is so quiet. Chandler and Hailey flew to Salt Lake City. The rest of us will drive to Utah on Tuesday. I am trying to get all of the laundry done and all of our deep cleaning done before we go. I probably will not post for about a month. We will be gone for almost 3 weeks. Paul is really going to enjoy this time off, he has been working so much. Now that he is a Staff Manager he works so much more. The good news is hea is climbing the ladder and that is what he wants. Talk to you in 3 weeks or so. I will post one more time before we leave. Paul and I pick up Alex from camp in the morning. he has been gone for 28 days. We are so excited to see him! Hooray.