Saturday, January 26, 2008

You Hold The Key To My Heart!

Hi everybody. I just wanted to share with you a quick layout that I made the other night. I have been working on some up coming classes that I am going to be teaching and in the mean time made this layout about Paul. I know that it seems like I post about him all of the time. I just am so happy that he is mine. He really does hold the key to my heart. Everyone say AHHHH! LOL! Hahaha! I have been working on getting my scrapbooking room all decorated and organized. Organized is the key word! I just have so much, (you know that huh Tracy)!
The big news at our house is that Tricia moved back in to our house. Her nanny job came to an end and so it was time she moved back in with us. It has been so awesome to have her back. She is so fun and the kids are so excited. Up until now everyone has had there own room so the big problem has been, where should we put Tricia. We decided that for know she would share with Hailey until she goes to school in the fall at Weber State of Utah State. She may end up living on campus if she goes to Utah State so for now she is sharing a room and it works for now. We have been decorating their room and it is darling. The decor is black and white with hot pink and chandeliers is the theme! You can click on this link to see the bedding they got it is soooo cute! If you click on the title of this posting above, ( You hold the key to my heart) It will take you to the picture of the bedding I bought for them!
We are painting the walls a really pretty gray. I bought a bunch of vintage dress forms also. I will post some pictures when it is all done. I just finished Adelaide's room. I did her room in a Shabby Chic theme. It is the most beautiful room. I will post a picture in a few days. I will also post some pictures of my scrap room when I get it all done. Paul goes on vacation again for 2 weeks starting tomorrow. Do you know what that means? MORE SCRAPPING TIME FOR ME!!! YEAH! When he is on vacation he is so good to me. He pretty much does everything around the house so I can get all of my scrapbooking projects done. YEAH! Have a super weekend. That is about all for me tonight. Check back in a few days becasue I am going to post a bunch of pictures of everything I have done in my house. I will give you a little tour!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Working On Some Projects!

Paul and I have been relaxing a lot this week. He is on vacation for 13 days... so exciting! It has been so nice to just watch movies, go to lunch, playing games with our kids etc... Paul is such an organizer that he has been organizing our bedroom walk in closet. It looks really nice. Everything folded and in its place. I have been starting to decorate for Valentine's Day. It is my favorite Holiday. I have always loved it. Even when I was a child I loved it. My Mom used to get us up on that day and we would have heart pancakes and the breakfast table would have presents wrapped in pink and red tissue paper. We would always get really fun gifts. That was one of the ways she showed us how much she loved us. Paul thinks it is a Holiday that is hard to live up to because of how much I love it. He always pulls of something great. One year he took me on a horse and carriage ride around the city. Every year he surprises me with gifts that I love. I have been making a mini book for my Grandpa's 85th Birthday. This one is one of the pages. I used paint and a lot of inking. It is a picture of Tricia about a year ago. Thanks for stopping by!