Thursday, August 10, 2006

We love our extended family so much!

Sorry that it has been so long since I have posted. We got home from Utah and two days later I came down with Pneumonia. I have been resting a lot! The kids have been so sweet. They all have been helping me out so much. Paul has been the best though. He really kicks in and literally does everything. He is the BEST!!! It is very hard going home to Utah because we miss our family so much when we come back. We do want to get back there soon. Paul keeps looking for a position there. We want my parents influence in our children's lives. It is so important to the kids, and my Mom and Dad. Paul's Brother, Matthew, and his family are moving back to Utah also. I think that we forget how important our family really is to us when they live 5 minutes away and we get to see them all of the time. While we have been in Missouri we have really understood how important our family is to us. When we get back to Utah we wil spend a lot of time with both famalies. We have made some life long friends here in Missouri. We have enjoyed living here. We had the great oppurtunity to spend time with the Cunninghams on the way to Salt Lake City. We spent the night on the way there and the way back. They have such a cool family. There kids are just beautiful and Shelli is such a great Mother. We had some very deep conversations. I totally love that family. They are so easy to love. The kids played and laughed so hard. It was so awesome! The kids start school next week. We have been busy buying school supplies. Taylor has been going to his practices for Madrigal Choir and Tricia has been running to prepare for track. I wanted to post two new layouts I have done this week while I was sick. I entered these in a contest recently. Feel free to leave any comments at the bottom of this message and let me know what you think. Thanks for looking. Jennifer