Thursday, January 01, 2009

It Has Almost Been A Year!

Happy New Year. One of my resolutions is to write on this blog more frequently. I have been gone from this blog for almost a year. My life is so busy that my blog simply became just one more thing to do. The latest news is that we took the 4 younger kids to California/Disney. Taylor is 17 so we decided he could stay home at our Bishop's house instead of coming to California with us because he had the leading role in the school musical and could not miss 10 days of practice. Tricia is almost 20 and is working and living with friends. Her school goals are coming along. She has been talking about going to a school in Boston to become a Mercedes mechanic. She is so good with her hands and smart so we'll see if that develops. Her long dream of being a Surgeon is not very practical unless she goes into the Military. She also talks about doing that. Being a teenager isn't always easy. I will keep this short and sweet so I will ease back into blogging slowly. To make things simple I will list the what the kids are doing at the bottom of this entry. Happy New Year!
Tricia: 20, Working at Office Depot, thinking about school, living with a friend.
Taylor:17, Singing, in tons of plays and musicals, working at Jamba Juice, saving for his mission
Alex:15, Driving with a permit, wrestles, loves hanging around pretty girls, President of his Teacher's Quorum
Hailey: 14, President of the Miamades class at church, plays basketball, likes to have movie night with her girlfriends
Chandler: 11, He can't wait to be a deacon, Power Tumbler for Utah gymnastics assoc.,loves spanish at his Charter prep school
Adelaide: 10, Loves dancing, doing her hair, playing with her puppy, cleaning her room, loves spending time with her Dad