Sunday, October 22, 2006

Halloween is getting close!!

I made this girl skeleton with my girls the other day. We had a blast making it together. I am so excited for Halloween. I look forward to it. The kids get so excited. Adelaide is being Cinderella and Chandler is going to be a Pirate. The other kids may end up making something for their costumes. After they get out of Elementary school I stop buying costumes. It gets to expensive. I do help the kids make theirs. Tricia wants to dress up this year as a fairy. She is going to make her wings with hangers and tissue paper. All of her friends are getting together to do it. That reminds me, Tricia has gone on two dates with the same boy that attends our church! He is very cute,nice and polite. Paul and I approve:):)! I love Sunday evenings. I made waffles, home made strawberry, rasberry, blackberry jam, and real whipped cream. mmmmm. Have a great evening!

Friday, October 20, 2006

King of Singing!

Doesn't Taylor look great it his tuxedo? He felt like a million bucks. He was so cute last night at his concert. He wanted me to take a lot of pictures of him! This is very unusual behavior for Taylor. He does not like to be photographed. He really did feel like he was a handsome little devil. I have to agree. He stands about 6 Ft. 1 in. He has a great singing voice. We can always hear him in the choir. We are so proud of him. He is such a stud.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bad Blogger!

I have really slowed down posting on my blog. I am so busy with the kids. Paul had his Birthday on the 11th. He had to work so we are going to celebrate on Monday. He wants a white cake without frosting from Costco. I am going to make Chicken Divan, his favorite. He wants a Turkey fryer. I think it is an interesting request for a Birthday present. My Folks are coming for Thanksgiving and he wants to make a fried turkey. I sure would love to know if anyone has ever had a fried turkey. I hope they are good. Costco sales a lot of them this time of year. I entered this card to the Scapbook trends magazine. Cross your fingers. This is a bad scan. I sent the magazine an actual picture. It looks much better in the photograph. Taylor has a Madrigal concert tomorrow. We had his pants cuffed tonight on his tuxedo. He looks so nice all dressed up in his tuxedo. I will post some pictures in a few days.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Favorite Time Of Year!

The sound of the leaves crunching under my feet when I take a walk with the children.
The smell of My Mom's spiced cider cooking on the stove.
Getting up early on a Saturday morning to rake leaves with our family.
Going on long walks with Paul along the Missouri river in our matching sweat shirts.
Fresh cinnamon cloves.
The feeling of a cool breeze hitting my cheeks.
Taking long drives to find the trees with the most beautiful colored leaves!
Decorating the front porch for Halloween with the kids.
Getting the children dressed in their costumes for the annual parade at school.
Circling around the television, with pillows and blankets, to watch General Conference.
May you all enjoy the fall season this year!