Sunday, October 22, 2006

Halloween is getting close!!

I made this girl skeleton with my girls the other day. We had a blast making it together. I am so excited for Halloween. I look forward to it. The kids get so excited. Adelaide is being Cinderella and Chandler is going to be a Pirate. The other kids may end up making something for their costumes. After they get out of Elementary school I stop buying costumes. It gets to expensive. I do help the kids make theirs. Tricia wants to dress up this year as a fairy. She is going to make her wings with hangers and tissue paper. All of her friends are getting together to do it. That reminds me, Tricia has gone on two dates with the same boy that attends our church! He is very cute,nice and polite. Paul and I approve:):)! I love Sunday evenings. I made waffles, home made strawberry, rasberry, blackberry jam, and real whipped cream. mmmmm. Have a great evening!