Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bitter Sweet!

Alex left yesterday. Tricia,Taylor,Alex,and I headed to Eureka about Noon. We had a great time driving to Alex's camp. We sang at the top of our lungs, and laughed really hard. We tried to keep things really happy and upbeat. We got to the camp and Alex met his camp leader and the other kids that would be in his cabin. Alex was a bit reserved, but I think that was normal. Only I could go up to the cabin with Alex so Tricia and Taylor said there goodbye's. I have always known that my children have a close bond but I love to observe how close they really are. Tricia gave Alex a long hug and told him that she would miss him. Taylor gave Alex a pep talk about being good. You really could see in their eyes that they were going to miss their little brother.It was really special. Alex and I sarted up the hike up to the cabins. He had so many bags. I had my arms full, but Alex had more to carry than me. He saw another young man struggling to get up the hill with his belongings and the young man didn't have his parents with him. Alex could hardly carry what he had,and he asked the young man if he would like some help carrying his things. I was so proud of him, already he was looking to help someone in need. Alex is always looking to lend a hand. He cares! He will be loved at this camp because he is always wanting good for everyone around him. HE will be missed. I try to not think that he will be gone for an entire month. We love him. I already have a care package made for him. Paul and I will be able to go visit him in ten days. I will take pictures and post them. Paul really misses him also. He got home from work last night at midnight, and he came right down to the computer to e-mail him. Paul gave him a blessing the night before he left. I know that will help him. I am off to take the kids swimming. On my next post, I will be putting up a picture of Adelaide going down a waterslide. This is not just any waterslide. You'll see! If anyone wants to send their support to Alex you can e-mail him at: sniperhaywood@yahoo.com

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