Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pictures of the kids for my family to see.


Hi Sherry! This is the Neifert family. They have been our great friends here in Saint Louis.
Tricia and Rachel after the graduation. This night was pretty hard for Tricia. They are great friends. Tricia is planning to visit her at BYU.
This is Paul and I at Rachel Neifert's high school graduation. Rachel is Tricia's best friend here in Saint Louis. She leaves for BYU on June 13th. We are going to miss her!
This picture is of Hailey with one of the student Teachers at the school. It was taken after the play. Hailey put together this Fifty's outfit and we only paid $6.00!
This is Hailey on the night of her play at school. She had a solo, and she was awesome!
The picture below is of Adelaide on the last day of School

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Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! Good to see your family!
We Love and Miss ya!