Thursday, June 15, 2006

An easy card I made.

This is a fun card I made today. I just finished 2 layouts for Creating Keepsakes Magazine. Cross your fingers that they will be published this fall. For anyone that doesn't know, Paul went on his mission with Lisa Bearnson! She is the founding Editor of Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I think it is so cool. She just happens to be the most well known person in the industry! I wished that would help me get published in her magazine. Ha Ha Ha. She doesn't even have a clue who I am. I would like to do a layout of Scottland, maybe that would catch her eye! I am working on a contest through Better Homes and Garden,they have a scrapbooking magazine. The contest is called,"Fresh Face entry." I will post my entries soon. The picture below this one is Adelaide at the park,she is getting so big. This was taken yesterday. I posted the wrong e-mail address for Alex the other day. His e-mail is:
He would love to here from you. He needs a lot of support. I can't believe he has only been gone 4 days. It seems like a lifetime. I am not very good at being away from my children! I hope it will get easier.

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