Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Anyone that knows me, knows I love my Dad so much. I have always looked up to him! He used to always tell me,"It is better to be trusted than loved" He now teaches this to my children. That quote really explains how important being honest really is. That was just one of the many lessons my Father taught us growing up in our home. As you can imagine, my Father is the most honest person I know! I have never known him to lie or stretch the truth, even a little bit. He shows our entire family so much love. He has his Masters degree in the Book of Morman, from B.Y.U, so he always shared his knowledge with us kids growing up. He has been such an example in my life. He has stuck by me and been a listening ear for all of my dramatic episodes! HA HA! I have memories of being a teenage girl... My Dad's office was on the top floor of our home, I would come home from being out late with my friends,would go up to his office and tell him all about my night. He was always so interested in what I was doing. I have very fond memories of Dad leaning back in his office chair, me on his lap or on the floor talking for hours. Teaching, praying, listening, supporting, loving is what Dad is best at. Shortly after Scott died, Mom and Dad moved me over to be closer to their home. Dad would come over every morning to help me get the kids fed, dressed and ready for the day so I could go to work. Dad often picked the kids up from daycare if I had to stay at work late. Those days were the hardest and darkest days in my life. Dad was helping me through it one step at a time.I owe so much to my Father for all of his kindness, endless support and love, but most of all his example to me. One other thing that Dad was so good at was treating my Mother like gold. I NEVER remember one harsh word said to my Mother. Dad always was doing things to make Mom smile. To this day, Mom and Dad are always hugging, kissing, laughing, and joking around. My two brothers, Matthew and Crismon, have followed his example. They treat their wives, Wendy and Sarah, the same way, like the Angels that they are! I love you Dad! Thank you for everything. I am so blessed that you are my Father.

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