Monday, November 26, 2007

Where Is The Snow?

I want it to snow so bad. I want to take the kids sledding. I want to build a snowman and then come in to our cozy home and drink hot cider! This is not a typical winter here in Utah. There is usually a lot of snow on the ground by now! I love decorating for the holidays. I love decorating period! We put our tree up today while listening to Christmas music. It just really put me in the holiday spirit. I spent all day getting out my Christmas candles, towels, nativity, lights, ornaments, etc... It was a beautiful day. Taylor has been going in to school at 6:00 a.m. every morning because he is in the Madrigals Choir at school and they have 11 Christmas shows in the month of December. Taylor has really developed his voice. He has really found his niche with singing and performing. He has a voice of a song bird. I am so proud of the way he is doing. I am going to be teaching many card classes in the next few weeks. I am especially excited about teaching at my local scrapbook store. The store is in Ogden and it is called; Daisy Dots and Doodles. It is a lovely store. If you have a few minutes you really should check it out. They carry all of the top name brands and they have excellent prices and service. I love teaching and designing. I just feel so blessed to be able to do what I am doing. I am off to work on some deadlines. I am submitting a whole bunch of cards to Paper Trends Magazine this month. I hope you all enjoy doing your decorating for this season! If you get a chance you should visit Donna Downey's blog. She is truly one of the most inspirational designers. I love her cloth scrapbooks she has been doing lately. Yummy stuff! Here is her blog address:

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