Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Very Happy Day In Court!

Our family is so happy! Yesterday, we had our day in court. Paul was finally able to adopt my four children that were from my first husband that died many years ago. My two youngest children were so young at the time that they don not even remember their biological father. They have known Paul as their Daddy for 7 years now. They have always called Paul Dad and they have always wanted to have his last name. For years the children have told everyone that their last name is Haywood but at school they would go by Carter because the schools had to go by their real name. The first few days of school are always so hard on my kds because they have to explain to the teacher and the other students why they had two last names. We finally hired an attorney to get this finalized. We now have the documentation that sais they are now and forever Haywoods! The kids were so excited. The Judge was so sweet! He had the entire family come up to the stand and introduce themselves. He asked the kids questions about Paul and he asked them how Paul treated them. The kids had sicere and sweet answers. Paul was glowing with pride. My sister in-law, her 2 kids, and my Mom and Dad were there at the court house to be supportive. Tricia, our oldest, got the day off of work so she could be there also. All 8 members of our family were there. The Judge had us come up to the bench so we could take pictures of our entire family with him. After the Judge said that there last name was now Haywood, I looked back at my Mom and Dad and they were both crying! My Mom and Dad have played such a huge role in all of the children's lives. They love Paul as their own son. Tricia and Taylor, my two oldest children from Paul's first marriage, are so close to my parents. My Mom and Dad have always treated them as their own grandchildren. Taylor is especially close to my Dad. It has been so cool to watch them grow so close over the years. Paul is such a wonderful Father! From day one Paul has treated my four children like his own. He has always changed diapers, helped with homework, listened, taught, loved and laughed. Now my children have their Father's name. That means so much to so many people. We are truly blessed.


nyn said...

Congratulations!!!We are so happy for you all. What a wonderful experience.

tracyp said...

Jen, I'm so happy for you and your kids, I'm sitting here crying thinking about all that ya'll have gone thru these last few years and this has to be such a crowing acheivement for the family. We love ya'll so much! Congrats!!!
By the way, I'm sorry I haven't called you back yet, I think my life is more hectic now then it ever has been since we have Gibby!(the dog)

Anonymous said...

Jenn, Rick and I have been reading your blog, and when we got to this post, we just had to take a minute. How wonderful when a family is joined together. We know how hard you and Paul have worked to make your family united and it touches our hearts to read about the official experience. Keep us posted as your sealing date approaches.
Love, Linne and Rick Haywood