Monday, October 29, 2007

Owen, cards, and more...

We have been busy getting ready for Halloween. My porch is decorated with 20 pumpkins in all differend sizes and we have cornstalks that are from our garden. That is my favorite part. Paul and I are trying to plan a weekend get away to a bed and breakfast. There is a place called the Homestead here in Utah that is breath taking this time of year. It is in Park City and very romantic. We will be married for 7 years in December but it is hard to have an anniversary celebration a week before Christmas so we always celebrate in November. This year will be so fun spending Thanksgiving with Paul's brother and all of our nephew's and nieces. Paul's brother that lives in Seattle has 2 kids at BYU that we get to see often. We love it. We took our little nephew, Owen who is 3, all day to play last week. We took him over to my Mom's because she has such an awesome yard that we can all play in. My parents are not his Grandparents but they totally love him and get a kick out of listening to him. They love to have him over at the house! He is the cutest funniest kid. He is so smart. We took him to the mall to get a pretzel and he saw a bow and some arrows in the window and he said, "look Aunt Jenni at those arrows and that shootie!" His brain is unfiltered and so he sais what he thinks. I think that a bow should be called a shootie now! HA HA HE HE! That is what a bow does, it shoots. Of cours it is a shootie! I love my family.
I keep forgetting to post that Tricia and Hailey chopped off their long hair and they look darling. Tricia looks so much older. I miss her so much since she moved in to my brother-laws to be a nanny for them. She loves it and she is so busy. She is working at Office Depot and nannying and she is also going to start school in January. I am so proud of her. I love how close my girls are. Hailey and Tricia are the best of friends.
I made these cards last night so I thought I would share with you what I have been creating. I have my first class at my house in a few weeks. I am so excited to get back to teaching what I love to do. I am having a big group at my house. I am also creating cards for an amazing decorating and gift store here in Clearfield. They sold 17 of my cards last week. I am getting great feed back. HI to all of my friend in St.Louis! I miss you all so much! I am going to post this without fixing my errors because Paul just walked in with flowers and a gift and I want to go be with him and open my present. He is so thoughtful. He is always surpising me. I have the most thoughtful hubby ever. Goodnight!


nyn said...

I hope you make it to the Homestead. I used to work there when Shae and I were first married. It is so nice. Your cards look great. It is awesome to see Ticia and Haleys hair they are adorable as ever.

tracyp said...

You do have a fabulous husband! It was so great to talk to you! We miss you to but are glad that things are going well for you! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! (a little early). Your stuff is beautiful as always.