Friday, April 06, 2007

A Queen for Sure!

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My darling daughter was nominated for Prom Queen this year. I am so happy for her. We are truly best friends and I love that we can have such a close Mother daughter relatioship, and I can still be her parent. I really think it is important to have a balance. If I wasn't Tricias friend, she wouldn't be able to tell me everything! I also tell her No....all the time!!! So proud of her! I was called to be in the Young Women's presidency last week for my church. I am so excited to be with my two girls in there! So much is happening in our lives lately. I feel like I am going a million miles an hour all the time with my 6 kids, but they are such a blessing. I am amazed at what they are teaching me all of the time! I am so excited to have my Mom come for Tricia's graduation! I am so close to my Mom and I have that bond with my 3 girls. I always want that close bond with them. We have really been enjoying this warm weather outside, until today! We have a lot of kites at our house. The kids love to go to the park to fly the kites. Even the bigger kids look forward to flying them. We went kite flying 3 times last week. Good memories! It is late so I will post some more later. We have a big day tomorrow looking for Tricia's prom dress! It is so hard to find a modest dress these days. Wish us luck! I wanted to thank eveyone that reads my blog. I love when you leave me comments. I love to know who is actually reading this blog!


Eminepala said...


Yes, she is a queen indeed ;)
very pretty girl

Eminepala said...

BTW: you've been tagged at my blog ...
Can't wait to see your 7 random facts about yourself :) said...

I really love reading your blog. Eventhough we talk often on the phone, I enjoy reading your thoughts without interruptions....And the pictures are priceless, of course!

Kori said...

hey jenni....glad you've been able to enjoy the nice weather we've been having. won't be long and it will be too hot to be out! i never did ask if you found a dress. hope so. has prom come and gone since this post? take care...k