Monday, April 30, 2007

My Queen Indeed!

Here are some pictures of Tricia on Prom night. Prom was on Saturday. A big group of kids met down on Main street in St.Charles. Tricia decided to not go with a date. She thinks that big groups are fun, without preasure, and having strings attatched! Tricia was on Prom court also. That means that she was voted for Prom Queen by the Student Body at her school. The ballot starts out with 20 girls on it. Then it goes down to 10 girls, then 6 girls, then 3 girls. The last 3 girls are on "Prom Court" Tricia was one of the 3 girls. It really made her feel good that she was liked by so many students. The night of Prom, the 3 boys and the 3 girls came out on the stage together and they announced who the Prom Queen and Prom King was. Tricia was not named Queen, but loved having the experience and loved being one of the 3 girls! That was a huge compliment! I made sure to tell her that she was my Queen for sure, no matter what! I am so proud of her. Tricia was nominated because of the way she behaves at school!! From the very beginning Tricia has refused to get involved in all of the school drama. Instead, she is kind and nice to everyone and she is happy without being obnoxious and she has made good choices about what activities she does on the weekends. Tricia has made a stand about not drinking, swearing, etc...
So many people respect her because of the values she has set for herself. CAN YOU TELL THAT I AM A JUST A BIT PROUD OF MY DAUGHTER??? I don't mean to go on and on, but I really think the world of her. I love how she looked in her dress. Tricia decided to do her own hair. It looked so elegant and natural! I don't know if you can tell but it is in a low bun. I am proud to call Tricia my girl.....MY QUEEN GIRL!!!
So..... I have been tagged by Emine. This girl is so dang talented. Her work is just breath taking. Some people that read my blog may not know what it means to be tagged. If you are tagged, you are supposed to tell 7 random facts about yourself. I don't know if they will be that interesting but here it goes....
1. I am a night owl. I have the most amount of energy between 8 and 11 p.m.! I usually stay up untill 2 a.m.! My Dad is the same way.
2. I love sweets! Chocolate is my favorite but it can't be just any chocolate. It has to be Godiva. mmmmm!
3. I am terrible at mailing things! I right thank you notes, birthday cards, christmas cards that never get sent! It is so bad I know! I am trying to be better. Everyone in my extended family knows that they are going to get their b-day card/present in the mail a week late :)!
4. I have always been a size 3... super skinny, my entire life!! Even after I had my kids I stayed super thin! I could eat whatever I wanted and I would stay skinny.....Untill about 5 years ago! After I had my hysterectomy I gained a lot of wait. I am trying to get rid of it though! (LOL!) Having an irregular thyroid doesn't help! Loving sweets doesn't help either!
5. I love to be bare foot anytime I can! NOT at the store people, just in my home. The bad part of going bare foot is that I have really ruff feet. Even if I get a pedicure...they are still ruff! I always keep them painted though!
7. I buy way too many scrapbooking supplies. Way to many! I am a sucker for packaging! I could never use all of the embellishments I have. I am trying to buy less and use more of what I have. O.K. I am lying... I love to buy supplies!
So there you have it... 7 facts about me. I am supposed to tag some other people. I will post that a little later. I will leave you a message on your blog if I tag you.


Eminepala said...

AW you are just to sweet... Thanks for playing sweetie ;)



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