Monday, March 05, 2007

Thoughts of gratitude!

I have been thinking about my Mom and Dad for the last week or so. I just have to say that I have the best parent's in the world. I know that my siblings read this blog and they feel the same way about my Mom and Dad. Each of my siblings have an extremely close relationship with them. It takes work and we all know that, but the pay off is so rewarding! There was a time, about 7 years ago, that I was having a really hard time in my life. My Mom happened to be over at my house and something set me off. I asked her to leave my house. I remember the look of hurt she had on her face. It is heart breaking just thinking about it right now. My mom was very hurt and yet, the next morning I got a letter of apology from her! I was the one that was offensive!! I was the one that should have apologized, but because she was my mother and she never wanted anything to happen to our relatioship, she was the one that was the bigger person. In the letter she dropped off,my Mother was so humble, she was sorry for anthing she said, and for the hurt is caused me. From that day on, I really understood what being a Mother was all about. There have been times in my teenage years that I felt that my Mom and Dad were not treating me right. I was a teenager though, I was stupid! They were always humble, my entire childhood, and now. They have been so good to ALL SIX OF MY CHILDREN. My Mother has a special relatioship with my 2 older kids. I am not their biological mother but that has never stopped my parents from having a relatioship with them. They show them the exact amount of love as they show my four younger kids. They are coming from Utah to see my oldest daughter graduate in May. They come to visit 3 or 4 times a year . It is important to them to maintain a relatioship with them, even though they live 1600 miles away. As a parent, I will always do whatever it takes to always have a relatioship with my kids. I will be at every wedding, and do my best to be there for the important days of my kids lives. That is what our lives should be I just have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have such a supportive, loving husband that is such a good father. I couldn't be happier with him!! I am close to my siblings and talk to each of them all of the time. We are all spread around the U.S. but we were all raised with the knowledge that siblings should be close. This is a picture of my beautiful Mother and my little Nephew, Lawrence. I just felt like I should express my gratitude. Our family vacation was so much fun. I will not soon forget it!


Eminepala said...

Wow Jennifer... I feel the same way... My parents are SOOOOO precious to me.. They always love me and help me, even when I hurt them sometimes (not on purpose)...
Now I have 2 kids and I want to be a mother like the way my mom was..

Thanks for sharing this


Nat said...

What a wonderful tribute to your parents! Thanks for stepping by at my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment!!

MaMaLoT said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your comment on my blog!
I absolutely agree about the family thing you talked about! I love my mom so much and I miss my daddy every day... wish he could see me now with my little boy!

Andrea said...

Beautiful Jenn...thanks for sharing.