Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Can't Think Of A Title Today!

I have not posted lately. Have you been as busy as me! I am sure everyone is this time of year. We are off to go see "P.S. I love you". We would be seeing National Treasure but it is my choice this time HAAA HAAAH! Paul and I have such different tastes in movies that we have to take turns. It will be nice to actually sit and relax after all of the hustle and bustle lately. Please let me know how your Christmas Season is going. I would love to know.


tracyp said...

HOLY COW I can not believe how different (and so cute I might add) Hayley and Alex look....Granted the whole family is gorgeous but those two especially in the last few months have really grown into themselves...
We miss y'all...I'm glad that you and Paul got to take some time for yourselves again...Mike and I tried to have a date night but we ended up shopping for his sister for Christmas which was fun also but more expensive! :) I start working almost full time again soon, so my life might just get more hectic!
We love you!

nyn said...

We got your Christmas card. You all look wonderful. Thank you for thinking of us. We miss you and all the fun you brought to our gatherings. Take care!!